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52nd Session of the Human Rights Council

National Statement on General Debate Item 3, 17 March 2023

Australia is committed to advancing human rights globally and shaping the world for the better.

We must safeguard gains made on the human rights of women and girls, people living with disabilities and LGBTI persons. We reiterate our commitment to promote the participation and perspectives of Indigenous Peoples.

Australia praises the advocates who support accountability and put their lives at risk to advance human rights. We condemn reprisals against civil society and human rights defenders.

Australia is delivering on our commitment to the 2030 Agenda, with its central pledge to leave no one behind. Last year our development program supported over 158 million people through new or improved social protection programs.

Increased global ambition and urgent, impactful action on climate change is a priority for Australia. It will have a direct impact on the enjoyment of human rights, including in our region.

Australia will help drive global action to address modern slavery, including through leading efforts to keep children safe from abuse and exploitation.

We urge states to continue the progress we have made since the Declaration was signed 75 years ago.

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