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52nd Session of the Human Rights Council

National Statement during the Interactive Dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on the Minority Issues, 23 March 2023

We thank the Special Rapporteur for his presentation.

Australia is strongly committed to the protection and promotion of the human rights of minority peoples.

We were pleased to participate in marking the thirtieth anniversary of the UN Declaration on Minority Rights last year. However, we share both the Special Rapporteur and the UN Secretary-General’s concern that too little has been done to advance the protection of minorities. We acknowledge with alarm a growing global hostility against minorities.

This can, and is, leading to an increase in violent conflict and human rights abuses and violations. It also weakens the rule of law and stunts overall socioeconomic development. In other words, the failure to advance the rights of minorities weakens all four pillars of the UN Charter.

Australia notes the Special Rapporteur’s recommendations for both immediate and long-term responses to improve the protection and promotion of human rights for minority peoples.

Australia asks: what would you recommend as the most effective and immediate measures that can be swiftly implemented by the international community to support the protection of minorities?

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