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Development assistance in Solomon Islands

Flag of Solomon Islands

Pillar 2 - Stability in Solomon Islands


This page provides an overview of how Australia is working in partnership against the Stability pillar of Partnerships for Recovery. It outlines key related initiatives and summaries of programming and related documents.

Australia has an enduring interest in a stable Solomon Islands. As well as a desirable goal in and of itself, stability is critical to both economic growth and human development. Australia's programs in governance, justice and policing work towards a common goal: that communities in Solomon Islands are safer and experience better access to services.

Related initiatives

Solomon Islands Justice Program

Up to $37 million, 2017-2022

The Solomon Islands Justice Program works with all key justice agencies in Solomon Islands including the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs, the National Judiciary, the Attorney-General's Chambers, the Public Solicitor's Office, Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, Police Prosecutions Directorate, Law Reform Commission, Solomon Islands Bar Association and Correctional Services Solomon Islands, as well as the Seif Ples Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Clinic. The Program's goal is that communities in Solomon Islands have greater access to a credible justice system that supports the rule of law.

The Justice Program has four components:

  • Justice agency strengthening: Supporting the core aspects of the legal system including the courts and correctional systems.
  • Legal policy and legislation: Building capacity for improved government legal advice and policy development and enhanced legislative drafting.
  • Improving access to justice: Improving access to justice in the provinces and strengthening responses to family violence.
  • Whole of sector strengthening: Supporting cross-cutting issues including improved gender and social inclusion in the justice sector, better human resource and financial management, professional development, and improved information management system.

Consultations with the Solomon Islands Government on the next phase of Australian engagement in the Justice Sector post-2021 have commenced.

Related documents

Name of document Year published
Solomon Islands Justice Program Design 2017-2021 2017

Education Sector Support Program

Up to $64 million, 2020-2023

The Education Sector Support Program is a four-year $64 million ($41.5 million Australian contribution) initiative supporting the Solomon Islands Government to implement its Education Strategic Framework 2016-2030, and National Education Action Plan. The program is delivered in partnership with the Solomon Islands Government and jointly funded by the Governments of Australia and New Zealand.

The Program's goal is to improve the quality and continuity of basic education which is accessible to all Solomon Islands children. Support is provided through direct budget support to the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development, technical advisers and grants to non-government organisations (NGOs). The program is also supporting the Ministry's Learning Continuity plan to provide learning material and improved water, sanitation and hygiene facilities to schools across Solomon Islands during the COVID-19 pandemic. So far, this has resulted in the successful rollout of:

  • Distance learning through radio, television, online learning resources and print materials
  • Community engagement and support in teaching and learning
  • School preparedness
  • Water supply and handwashing facilities in 50 communities.

Related documents

Name of document Year published
Solomon Islands Education Sector Support Program: Performance Linked Aid Assessment Report and management response 2020
Australia and New Zealand Joint Solomon Islands Education Sector Support Program 2020-2023 design 2020

Addressing Gender Equality

Up to $35 million, 2012-2022

Through Pacific Women, Australia has committed $34.8 million over ten years to advance gender equality and support women's empowerment in the Solomon Islands.

The Solomon Islands Gender Equality program ($4 million per annum) works with the government, international and local NGOs and the private sector to improve the political, economic and social opportunities of Solomon Islands women and girls to end violence against women and girls. The program aims to reduce violence against women and girls and ensure:

  • survivors of violence have access to support services and to justice
  • women have expanded economic opportunities to earn an income and accumulate economic assets
  • women, and women's interests are increasingly and effectively represented and visible through leadership at all levels of decision-making, and
  • women have a stronger sense of their own agency, supported by a changing legal and social environment and through increased access to the services they need.

The program works in partnership with the Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family affairs to support institutional strengthening, it provides funding and support to targeted service providers and violence prevention activities including supporting the national rollout of the SAFENET Response and Referral Network. Over the next two years the program will continue to focus on eliminating violence against women and girls (EVAWG) and expand activities focused on women economic empowerment to address the impact of COVID-19 on women and increase support to women's organisations.

Consultations with the Solomon Islands Government on the next phase of Australian engagement will be undertaken in early 2022.

Related documents

Name of document Year published
Scoping Study on Women in Leadership and Decision-making and Management Response 2017

Governance Program

Up to $46 million, 2017-2022

The Governance Program builds on the public financial management (PFM) and public sector reform gains achieved through the Solomon Islands Economic and Public Sector Governance Program (SIGOV). The Governance Program supports Australia's long-term national interests in Solomon Islands by supporting stability, enabling economic growth, and enhancing human development.

The budget for the Governance Program is approximately $7.5 million per annum. The program includes four components encompassing a number of individual activities.

  • Component 1 – Fiscally and socially responsible budgeting and borrowing policies.
  • Component 2 – A professional public financial management cadre that facilitates improved service delivery.
  • Component 3 – A more accountable and responsive public service; and
  • Component 4 – Strengthening coalitions for reform.

The next phase of the Australia and Solomon Islands Partnership for Governance Program (2022-25) is currently being considered.

Related documents

Name of document Year published
Solomon Islands Governance Program Design 2017
Solomon Islands Governance Program: Independent Review of Ombudsman Twinning Support and management response 2021

RSIPF-AFP Policing Partnership Program (RAPPP)

Up to $106 million, 2021-2025

The RSIPF-AFP Policing Partnership program was developed collaboratively between the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF), Australia Federal Police (AFP) and the Ministry of Police, National Security and Correctional Services (MPNSCS). The RAPPP supports a range of Solomon Islands policing priorities, including preparation for the 2023 Pacific Games, the next general election, infrastructure upgrades, and capability and training in areas spanning public order management, investigations, frontline policing and forensics, to leadership development. Recent highlights include:

  • refurbishment of Naha Police Station (completed May 2022) and rebuilding Kukum Police Station (due for completion June 2023)
  • weapons instructor training completed for 10 RSIPF trainers as part of the ongoing rearmament program
  • demonstration of RSIPF Police Response Team enhanced capability conducted for Prime Minister Sogavare and senior officials.

The AFP is also supporting the next stage of the RSIPF’s rearmament, with weapons and training.

Defence Cooperation Program

Non-ODA, approximately $2.4 million, 2021-22

The Defence Cooperation Program is focussed on specific areas of Australian Defence Force (ADF) expertise including Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), maritime security and Humanitarian and Disaster Relief (HADR). Activities include:

  • the supply of two guardian-class patrol boats,
  • upgrades to the Aola Base wharf,
  • construction of a border and patrol outpost in Solomon Islands western and eastern provinces, and
  • an enhanced EOD Cooperation Program.

Australia will also deliver an integrated police, health, and disaster management radio (Solomon Islands Police and Emergency Radio Network (SIPERN)) network across Solomon Islands.

This does not reflect the full contribution to the partnership with Solomon Islands under the Defence portfolio.

Australia Awards

Approximately $4 million annually

Australia Awards are prestigious international scholarships and fellowships funded by the Australian Government offering the next generation of global leaders an opportunity to undertake study, research, and professional development at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level. Since 2006, Australia Awards has supported 480 Solomon Islanders to achieve tertiary qualifications.

Applications are encouraged from a broad range of priority areas for the development of Solomon Islands:

  • health (excluding medicine)
  • education (postgraduate only)
  • gender
  • economics, business, accounting
  • legal services
  • engineering (including water, sanitation, construction & mining)
  • fisheries, environment, agriculture
  • information technology
  • statistics.

More information about the Australia Awards Scholarships for Solomon Islanders.

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