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Development assistance in Solomon Islands

Flag of Solomon Islands

Pillar 1 – Health Security in Solomon Islands


This page provides an overview of how Australia is working in partnership against the Health Security pillar of Partnerships for Recovery. It outlines key related initiatives and summaries of programming and related documents.

As Solomon Islands' largest development partner in the health sector, Australia will support a renewed focus on funding for, and policy dialogue regarding, broader health system priorities. Australia has worked closely with Solomon Islands to secure early and equitable access to a COVID-19 vaccine and, through the Indo-Pacific Centre for Health Security, has extended support to Pacific health ministries – including Solomon Islands' – in the areas of infection prevention and control, training for field epidemiology, vector control and surveillance, and the deployment of health security technical resources, as required.

Australia will provide critical support for better Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) services, including in health care settings, through the Australian Humanitarian Partnership and global partnerships. Climate change can compound health challenges through increased risk of disease, disaster injury and psychosocial issues. Health systems strengthening will incorporate climate change and disaster resilience measures.

Health Sector Support Program – Phase 3

Up to $143 million, 2016-2024

Australia's Health Sector Support Program (HSSP3) is a nine-year, $143 million initiative to support the Solomon Islands Government to deliver health services across the country that meet the needs of communities. Guided by the National Health Strategic Plan and its priorities, HSSP3 funds malaria and other disease control, maternal and child health activities, essential medicine supply as well as access to clean water, basic sanitation and hygiene awareness. Through targeted financing and advisory assistance, HSSP3 is helping increase management capacity and the financial sustainability of the public health system. A key aspect to HSSP3 is funding linked to the achievement of performance benchmarks, which provides strong financial incentives for better health outcomes and health system management. In 2020, HSSP3's established budget support mechanism enabled Australia to quickly pivot support to the Australian Government's efforts in COVID-19 preparedness and response activities, through existing and additional funding. This included the upgrade of the molecular laboratory, and procurement of equipment and consumables to enable in-country COVID-19 testing, and the transfer of COVID-19 grants to all provincial health services.

Consultations with the Solomon Islands Government on the next phase of Australian engagement in the health sector have commenced.

COVID-19 Response

Up to $45 million, 2020-23

Australia is committed to providing COVID-19 vaccine access to Solomon Islands, including delivery support and vaccine procurement, drawing on Australia’s Regional COVID-19 Vaccine Access and Health Security Initiative (VAHSI). Through VAHSI, Australia has committed to support Solomon Islands to achieve comprehensive vaccine coverage, by providing 1 million COVID-19 vaccination doses. The vaccine rollout in Solomon Islands commenced on 24 March 2021, and over 600,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses have been provided to date. Since Prime Minister Sogavare announced widespread community transmission in Honiara in January 2022, Australia has delivered over 40 tonnes of COVID-19 medical supplies and equipment to Solomon Islands, including:

  • 300 oxygen concentrators
  • 100,000 rapid antigen tests
  • 87,800 additional Astra Zeneca doses
  • COVID-19 country kits, with personal protective equipment (PPE), medical supplies and equipment
  • six Australian supplied ‘bricks’ containing COVID-19 specific medicine, equipment and consumables, and PPE for provincial hospitals, and
  • six tonnes of UNICEF emergency water and sanitation and dignity kits.
  • emergency food aid to 26,000 households across Honiara.

On 17 June, Foreign Minister Penny Wong announced Australia is working with Solomon Islands to provide up to 200,000 paediatric Pfizer vaccine doses, supplying sufficient doses, syringes, and other consumables to enable comprehensive coverage of 5–11-year-olds, and help students return to school.

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