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People connections in the Pacific

Media partnerships in the Pacific

Australia's Pacific Media Assistance Scheme ($10.3 million; 2017-21)

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The Pacific Media Assistance Scheme (PACMAS) is a regional media development program that aims to facilitate discourse across government, business and civil society, via Pacific media. Photo: ABC

Program overview

Australia has a long history of supporting enhanced skills and training for Pacific media through the Pacific Media Assistance Scheme (PACMAS).

PACMAS is managed by ABC International Development and supports the development of a diverse, independent and professional Pacific media sector.

It promotes informed and meaningful public discourse and good governance, focussing on training, supporting high quality original content, and providing improved broadcasting infrastructure.

The program has also helped expand professional networks of cooperation between Australian and Pacific journalists, and helped to extend radio coverage across the region (the platform with the largest reach in the Pacific) by installing more transmitters and providing technician training and support.

When COVID-19 emerged as a global threat, PACMAS responded—supporting public health messaging in Fiji, offering training about responsible pandemic reporting across several Pacific countries, monitoring misinformation on social media, and partnering with Pacific media associations to address it. PACMAS is establishing a Pacific disaster preparation media unit and running a Pacific youth story-telling competition.

More about Australia's Pacific Media Assistance Scheme

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