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Flag of Malawi


Malawi is a landlocked country bordered by Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia. The capital, and largest city is Lilongwe. Chichewa and English are the official languages. A majority of the population identify as Christian. Muslims constitute about one-fifth of the population. 

Malawi’s population is approximately 20 million (2021), of which about 80 per cent live in rural areas. The predominantly agricultural economy is highly dependent on tobacco though sugar and tea are also important and mining plays an increasingly significant part in the economy.

Lake Malawi, the third largest and second deepest lake in Africa, and the ninth largest in the world, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984. It accounts for more than one-fifth of the country's total area.

The Australian Ambassador to Zimbabwe is accredited to Malawi, assisted by an Honorary Consul in Lilongwe.

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