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Flag of Lithuania

Lithuania country brief

Key engagement

Australia and Lithuania established diplomatic relations in 1991.

Australia and Lithuania cooperate in international peace and security forums.


Between 2015 and 2019 total goods and services trade between Australia and Lithuania has experienced considerable growth of 17.5 per cent per annum.

Australia and Lithuania’s economic ties will develop further through the negotiation of a comprehensive and ambitious Australia-EU Free Trade Agreement.

Bilateral relations

Australia and Lithuania have friendly relations, based on shared interests and close people to people links. Australia and Lithuania share a commitment to the fundamental values of democracy, peace and free trade.

Australia recognised Lithuanian independence in August 1991. Lithuania is opening an Embassy in Canberra in 2021. Lithuania has Honorary Consulates in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Foreign policy

Lithuania is the largest of the three Baltic States Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Lithuania joined the United Nations (UN) alongside Estonia and Latvia in 1991.

Lithuania is a member of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). Australia and Lithuania both contributed personnel to the NATO Global Coalition Against Daesh.

Lithuania is pro-free trade. Lithuania joined the European Union (EU) in 2004, the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) in 2018 and the World Trade Organization in 2001.

Fast Facts

  • Lithuanian visitors to Australia (Year ended June 2020) — 1,600
  • Australian resident returns to Lithuania (Year ended June 2020) — 800
  • Resident Australian population born in Lithuania (2016 census) — 2,607
  • Australian residents of Lithuanian descent (2016 census) — 16,292
  • Lithuanian student enrolments in Australia (2019) — 843

High level engagement

  • 2018 — Then Lithuanian Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs Darius Skusevičius visited Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.
  • 2015 — Then Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius visited Australia to meet Australia’s political, business and academic leaders.

Agreements and Arrangements with Lithuania

  • 2002 — Investment Promotion and Protection
  • 1993 — Trade and Economic Cooperation

Texts of bilateral agreements are available at the Australian Treaties Database.

Political Overview

Lithuania is an independent democratic republic with a multi-party parliament. Lithuania’s legislative power is vested in the Seimas (the Parliament). The executive body is the Government, which is made up of the Prime Minister and a Cabinet of 14 ministers. Parliamentary elections were last held in 2020.

The President’s term of office is five years, for no more than two consecutive terms. 

In 2018 Lithuania celebrated the 100th year of the Restoration of the Lithuanian State.

Public diplomacy

The Australian Embassy in Warsaw promotes Australian culture and values in Lithuania and promotes Australia as an innovative and attractive trade and investment partner.

The Australian Embassy in Warsaw is responsible for Lithuania

Australia has a Consulate in Vilnius, headed by an Honorary Consul.

Economic diplomacy

In 2019, Australia's two-way goods and services trade with Lithuania was valued at $145 million. Total merchandise imports from Lithuania were valued at $103 million, compared with Australian merchandise exports to Lithuania of $7 million.

In 2019, significant goods imports from Lithuania comprised furniture, mattresses & cushions; wood; and fertilisers.

Australia’s principal goods exports were animal feed; vehicle parts and accessories; and mechanical handling equipment & parts.

More economic and trade information on Lithuania [PDF].

Australia continues to seek opportunities to promote Australian business and raise awareness of potential benefits of increased trade between Australia and Europe, including Lithuania. This work has intensified followed the launch of Australia-EU FTA negotiations in June 2018.

More information about the Australia-EU FTA.


Lithuania launched a Startup Visa program in 2017 to encourage citizens from outside the EU, including Australia, to set up businesses in Lithuania. Australia also encourages startup investment by Lithuanian businesses.

More information on doing business in Lithuania.


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