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Flag of Georgia

Georgia country brief

Key engagement

Support for Georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity, cooperation in international organisations.

Bilateral relations

Australia established diplomatic relations with Georgia in 1992. We share a constructive bilateral relationship, including consultations at senior-officials level. Australia supports Georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity, including support for its resolutions in international organisations.

Georgia has an Embassy in Australia, while Australia's Ambassador to Türkiye has non-resident accreditation to Georgia. Parliamentary engagement is supported through a Georgia country group in the Australian parliament and an Australian country group in the parliament of Georgia.

Australia and Georgia cooperate in international organisations on issues of mutual interest. We were part of the Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan and are members of the Global Coalition against Daesh.

One of the strongest cultural links is the Georgian-Australian Investigations in Archaeology project, a collaboration between the University of Melbourne and the Georgian National Museum, running since 2008.

Economic and trade information is in the Georgia Fact sheet.

Foreign policy

Georgia is committed to integration into European and Euro-Atlantic structures. In June 2022, the European Council recognised the 'European Perspective for Georgia' and was ready to grant Georgia candidate country status once it had addressed several political and economic concerns.

Georgia classifies its top foreign policy priority as ensuring its sovereignty and territorial integrity, and the top risk to its security as the 'occupation of Georgian territories by the Russian Federation'. Despite Georgia not having diplomatic relations with Russia, trade links are growing, in part driven by Russians immigrating to Georgia following Russia's invasion of Ukraine in 2022.

Georgia is seeking to use its strategic location on the Black Sea between Russia and Türkiye to develop as an energy and transport hub connecting Europe with Asia.

Further information about Georgia's foreign policy.

Fast Facts

  • Georgian visitors to Australia (2022) – 210
  • Australian visitors to Georgia (2022) – 670
  • Resident Australian population born in Georgia (2021 census) – 661
  • Australian residents of Georgian descent (2021 census) – 1,010

High level engagement

  • 2018 – Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia, Ms Irina Abuladze led a delegation of education professionals to Australia
  • 2017 – Deputy Foreign Minister of Georgia, Mr David Jalagania, visited Australia

Australian Embassy in Türkiye

Uğur Mumcu Caddesi No: 88, Level 7
Gaziosmanpaşa 06700, Ankara
Tel: +90 312 459 9500

Facebook: Australia in Türkiye
Twitter: @AusAmbTürkiye

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