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Development assistance in Cambodia

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Better education outcomes in Cambodia

Better education outcomes in Cambodia

Australia will continue to support Cambodia's education sector through our long-running Australia Awards Scholarships program. Since 1994, we have supported over 800 talented Cambodians to study in Australia. In 2018, 44 scholarships were awarded.

We target our education support through scholarships, as this is where we can make the most difference to Cambodia's human resources development, and complement the large number of donors supporting basic education. Our scholarships fill a development gap – we target disciplines that are vital for Cambodia's economic growth, such as agriculture and health, but which are less likely to be studied by privately-funded students.

Australian alumni are also brand ambassadors. A recent study for the Australia Awards Scholarships program in Cambodia found that Australia is seen as a safe, supportive and high-quality place to study. Ninety four per cent of alumni who participated in the survey had a positive impression of Australia, and over 99 per cent would recommend Australia as a place to study.

The Australian Alumni Association of Cambodia is a supportive partner of the Australia Awards Scholarships, and has a large and growing membership. In November 2014, in partnership with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Association hosted the 20th anniversary celebration of Australia Awards Scholarships in Cambodia.

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Last Updated: 20 March 2019
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