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Cambodia Agricultural Value Chain (CAVAC) Phase One evaluation

Summary of publication

This evaluation assesses the results reported during the first phase of the Cambodia Agricultural Value Chain program (CAVAC) and captures lessons to inform the ongoing implementation of CAVAC phase two.

CAVAC is part of a long history of Australian aid assistance to Cambodian agriculture. It also marks a departure from previous assistance in espousing a market systems development approach, working closely with the private sector.

The evaluation found a number of exemplar aspects of CAVAC. Close attention to monitoring enabled CAVAC to effectively track the progress of its activities and adjust as necessary. CAVAC's later 'complete' irrigation schemes, for example, were more expensive to construct but were assessed to be more sustainable and with a real possibility of having a systemic impact across agriculture in Cambodia.

The evaluation did identify some significant shortcomings in CAVAC's monitoring systems which did not support accountability to its key stakeholders or provide them with readily accessible information to meet their needs.

Insights gained through this evaluation will also be useful for implementation of other market systems development programs, as well as programs that have an adaptive management or private sector focus.

Full publication

Cambodia Agricultural Value Chain (CAVAC) Phase One evaluation [PDF 2.02 MB]

Cambodia Agricultural Value Chain (CAVAC) Phase One evaluation [Word 2.23 MB]

Last Updated: 13 December 2017
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