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Banking our aid

Australia's non-core funding to the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank

The evaluation found that non-core funding to the ADB and World Bank is an effective and efficient way of delivering Australian aid. Overall their rate of success is acceptable. Completion ratings for bank projects are either comparable, or better than the aggregate ratings for other partners. Non-core funding was also effective as a means of pursuing bilateral objectives that motivated entry into partnerships. However, there are a number of challenges DFAT needs to overcome to get the best results from non-core funding e.g. the need to overcome organisational differences with the banks, improve staff engagement, match funding strategies with these needs, and good understanding and management of the accountability risks of different types of partnerships. Four recommendations to DFAT were made to address these challenges.

A chart that provides details of Australian Official Development Assistance

Final report

ODE Brief

Last Updated: 6 October 2015
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