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Supporting local Pacific businesses to be more climate-resilient

See how Australia is supporting Pacific communities to be more climate-resilient.

Of the 7.7 billion people in the world, around 3.6 billion live in highly climate vulnerable countries.

Climate change is a leading concern across our Indo-Pacific region. It is the single greatest threat to livelihoods, security, and wellbeing.

Australia is investing in new ways of working that are less harmful to the planet, to shape a more environmentally sustainable and resilient region.

In Fiji, through our Market Development Facility, we are partnering with local businesses, such as Baywater Engineering to use more innovative farming solutions.

For example, the business has produced a liquid compost from discarded organic material, such as chicken manure and distillery waste for horticultural and root crop farming. The more environmentally sustainable and affordable soil conditioner improves plant soil health and crop yields, while increasing crop resistance to pests and diseases and farmers' income.

Encouraging farmers across the region to use organic and sustainable soil conditioners like this to increase the climate resilience of agricultural production by improving water retention, nutrient cycling and reducing erosion. It can also mitigate greenhouse gas emissions through a reduction in the use of imported synthetic fertiliser and improving soil carbon levels.

Australia's new development policy is focussed on climate responses, recognising that to be effective and sustainable, our development program must deliver climate resilient outcomes regardless of region, country or sector. It shapes a development program that is ready for our complex world, because today's global challenges are interconnected and have a compounding impact. Developing countries, especially their most marginalized citizens, are bearing the greatest costs of change. Australians, and our partners, want to live in a world that is peaceful and predictable – working together to achieve it.

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