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Independent Evaluation Committee Communiqué, 1 December 2016

Evaluation advice

  • ODE updated the Committee on the status of evaluations considered by the IEC out of session since the last IEC meeting, and noted those recently published.
  • The Committee noted ODE's update on performance and quality analysis work.
  • The Committee noted ODE's update on the new evaluation policy and annual evaluation plan.
  • The Committee noted ODE's proposed workplan for 2017.
  • The Committee noted ODE's update on Climate Change evaluation – Terms of Reference.
  • The Committee endorsed 2016 review of uptake of ODE recommendations - Analysis report.
  • The IEC noted the status of current evaluations/work:
    • Eastern Indonesia National Roads Improvement Program evaluation (Progress update);
    • Transport Sector Support Program evaluation (Evaluation plan);
    • Combatting pandemics and emerging infectious diseases evaluation (draft evaluation report);
    • Economic partnerships in Asia evaluation (progress update);
    • Electoral systems strengthening evaluation (progress update);
    • Tropical Cyclone Pam evaluation (Final report);
    • Disability inclusive development evaluation (progress update);
    • Teacher Development Evaluation Phases 1 and 2 (progress update); and
    • Annual Program Performance Review (APPR) review (progress update).

Next Meeting

  • The Committee agreed that the next meeting of the Independent Evaluation Committee will be held on 11 April 2017.


Jim Adams
IEC Chair

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