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Protocol Guidelines

4.1 Dependants

The Australian Government will accept as a dependant a spouse, de facto or same sex partner provided they are formally nominated by the sending government or international organisation, and that reciprocal recognition would be given by the sending state. Unmarried children up to 21 years of age who are full time members of the official's household and formally nominated are also accepted as dependants and are eligible for diplomatic visas.

Other family members should apply to the Department of Home Affairs for an appropriate visa, such as a student visa or a visitor visa. Visitor visas may be granted for up to a twelve-month period of stay.

In exceptional circumstances, for example, where there is an established history of dependence for medical reasons, diplomatic visas may be granted to family members such as adult children or aged parents. The sending state or international organisation must explain and document the nature of the dependency. If approved, such dependants are accepted as private family members without immunities or privileges.

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