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Protocol Guidelines

2.10 Departure

The Chief of Protocol should be formally notified of the final departure of a HOM at least six weeks in advance. Protocol Branch can seek, on behalf of the HOM, a farewell call on the Governor-General if missions request it.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, and the Secretary of DFAT do not receive farewell calls as a matter of course and there should be no expectation that these can be arranged. Missions should advise Protocol Branch if a departing HOM wishes to call on either Minister and/or the Secretary, and should then contact the relevant office directly to negotiate a time.

A senior departmental representative usually hosts a farewell function for the departing HOM.

Departing HOMs are welcome, but not obliged, to make a farewell call on the Chief of Protocol.

HOMs are free to make farewell calls on other dignitaries, ministers and officials in Canberra or other states and territories by direct arrangement.

Protocol Branch should be notified by note verbale of chargé/acting high commissioner arrangements before the departure of the HOM in accordance with section 2.9.

Facilitation can be arranged at the international airport through which the HOM finally departs Australia. To request this service, missions must complete an Airport Facilitation request form (see chapter 14) and email it to Protocol Branch at least five working days before the HOM's departure.

As the departure of a HOM is considered a private occasion, DFAT staff are not involved in airport farewells.

As per standard procedures for all staff (see chapter 4.5), a Departure Notification – Accredited Officials and Dependants form should be completed and submitted to Protocol Branch together with their diplomatic identity cards.

Last Updated: 2 November 2017
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