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Protocol Guidelines

Protocol Guidelines 14.3 How does airport facilitation work?

As procedures vary between airports, the following general advice should be read in conjunction with the airport guide for Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Canberra, Darwin, Gold Coast, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth or Sydney, as relevant.

14.3.1 International arrival

An Australian Border Force (ABF) officer accompanied by one diplomatic/consular representative will meet the visitor at the arrival gate. The visitor will be escorted to the international arrival point for priority entry processing, unless the mission has booked a VIP room where the visitor can be taken while entry formalities are completed. Delegation members accompanying the visitor will generally not receive facilitation, although reasonable efforts will be made to keep the travelling party together during arrival processing.

Department of Agriculture and Water Resources officers at the airport will be informed in advance of the visitor's arrival so that mandatory quarantine procedures can be handled appropriately.

14.3.2. International departure

An ABF officer accompanied by one diplomatic/consular representative will escort the visitor to the passport control point for priority processing.

After passport processing, the ABF officer will escort the visitor and the diplomatic/consular representative through security screening to an airline lounge or the departure area. The ABF officer will then return the diplomatic/consular representative to the public area of the airport.

14.3.3 Transfer from/to international/domestic arrival/departure

For a transfer from an international to a connecting domestic flight, or vice versa, the diplomatic/consular representative should escort the visitor from one terminal to another (ABF will not be involved). This is particularly important at Sydney and Brisbane airports, where international and domestic terminals are physically separate.

14.3.4 Airport VIP rooms

Airport facilitation does not include access to airport VIP rooms. Embassies and consulates need to book these directly with airports. Refer to the individual airport guides for further information (see section 14.3 above).

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