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Protocol Guidelines

14.1 Who is eligible?

The following persons are eligible for airport facilitation:

  • head of state and accompanying spouse and children (see chapter 15)
  • head of national government and accompanying spouse and children (see chapter 15)
  • foreign minister and accompanying spouse and children (see chapter 15)
  • guest of the Australian Government (see chapter 15)

Senior Foreign Visitors

  • deputy head of state
  • deputy head of national government
  • parliamentary presiding officers – Speaker or President of a House of Parliament or equivalent (official visit)
  • former head of state
  • former head of national government
  • minister of national government (official visit)
  • state or province governor or premier (official visit)
  • chief justice of highest national court (official visit)
  • central bank governor (official visit)
  • head of UN agency or equivalent (official visit)
  • guest of the Australian Parliament (email request to Parliamentary Relations Office of the Parliament of Australia at
  • head of Canberra-based diplomatic mission on first arrival and final departure (official visit)
  • non-resident head of diplomatic mission on arrival and departure for credentials presentation (official visit).
Last Updated: 13 February 2019
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