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Protocol Guidelines

1.8 Other departments and government agencies

The Australia website is a comprehensive guide to government information and services. The Australian Government Directory section provides contact details for the offices and personnel of the Governor-General and the Commonwealth Parliament, courts and departments and agencies. There are also links to the directories of state and territory governments.

Contact with the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government can be facilitated by the Senior Manager of the Office of Multicultural Affairs, Community Services Directorate (telephone (02) 6207 0555 or fax (02) 6207 5862).

1.8.1 Communication with Australian Government authorities

The Australian Government encourages diplomatic and consular missions to conduct routine official business directly with relevant departments and agencies rather than going through DFAT. However, in accordance with Article 41(2) of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, missions should consult DFAT on all matters of a policy nature that could affect bilateral or multilateral trade or foreign relations.

Administrative matters handled by agencies other than DFAT should be sent directly to those agencies, including:

1.8.2 Media and publicity materials issued by missions

The Australian Government attaches great importance to the free flow of information and recognises that it is an accepted function of diplomatic missions and consular posts to issue public statements, including media releases and social media communications, and to distribute material and publications expressing the point of view of their government on international questions. All efforts should be made to ensure such statements are accurate and written in respectful language.

DFAT requests that missions and posts provide the Parliamentary and Media Branch ( with copies of the publicity and media material that they distribute.

Last Updated: 31 January 2018
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