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Australia-Vietnam Climate Change Delivery Strategy 2011-2016: review and management response

Summary of publication

The Review of the Australia-Vietnam Climate Change Delivery Strategy 2011–2016 aimed to highlight achievements, strengths and lessons of the Australia-Vietnam Climate Change Delivery Strategy 2011-2016. The Delivery Strategy set the framework for a coherent portfolio of climate change assistance of Australia in Vietnam, in line with the Government of Vietnam's climate change priorities and Australia's strength to make a difference. Together with analysis of the present situation of climate change policies and responses in Vietnam, the review provided recommendations on how Australia could build on previous investments to strategically position itself in supporting Vietnam to address climate change in the period 2017-2020.

This was a portfolio desk review and not a specific program/ project evaluation. Recommendations were informed by analysis of current context of climate change in Vietnam, consultations with DFAT Hanoi and Canberra, and taking stock of achievements and lessons learnt from the Delivery Strategy implementation.

The review was completed in August 2016 by an independent consultant in climate change, and managed by DFAT Hanoi's Economic and Development Cooperation Section.

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Last Updated: 16 May 2017
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