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Vanuatu Technical and Vocational Education and Training Sector Strengthening Program: Independent evaluation and management response

Summary of publication

The evaluation concludes that Program has made a substantial contribution to the strengthening of the TVET sector especially building national understanding and consensus about the scope and nature of a TVET system that is likely to work for Vanuatu.

The evaluation identified eight key success factors:

  1. value-chain approach
  2. decentralised service delivery
  3. monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system
  4. communications and relationships
  5. sustainability framework
  6. links with other aid programs
  7. local leadership (locally owned and locally negotiated and delivered), and
  8. ethical, values-based leadership (the team individually and collectively; how the program team conducts its work; the 'rules' it follows; the values it promotes; and the ethical standards it applies).

The evaluation has identified five issues to be considered in the design of Phase 5 of the program and 13 recommendations to address this issues.

The management response notes that the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade welcomes the findings, particularly the lessons learnt, and acknowledges five issues identified by the evaluation. The document provides management responses to each of the thirteen recommendations made by the evaluation.

Full publication

Last Updated: 23 November 2015
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