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Policing and Justice Support Program (Vanuatu): Review and management response

Summary of publication

The Australian Government (GoA) has been providing support to the Vanuatu policing and justice sector since 2000. In the past this has been through separate and distinctive programs of support to the Vanuatu Police Force, and to the Ministry of Justice and Community Services and the public legal offices. The Policing and Justice Support Program (Vanuatu) – [PJSPV] - design in 2014 combined two existing investments:

  • the Vanuatu Australia Police Project (VAPP)
  • the Vanuatu Law and Justice Partnership Program also known as Stretem Rod Blong Jastis (SRBJ).

This was done to create efficiencies and ensure Australian support to the sector had shared outcomes.

This review of PJSPV sought to appraise the program's relevance, effectiveness and efficiency focussing on:

  • The aid modality – i.e. the AFP working together with a managing contractor to deliver the program;
  • Capacity development achievements;
  • The use of M&E for program improvement;
  • The relationship between program governance arrangements and program effectiveness; and
  • Options to increase program effectiveness within the current modality.

Full publication

Last Updated: 20 January 2017
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