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Timor-Leste Aid Program Performance Report 2017-18

Summary of publication

In 2017-18 Australia's total official development assistance budget to Timor-Leste was $95 million.

Australia's development program assists in three areas – economy, people and society. We help to improve Timor-Leste's economy by creating jobs and a stronger private sector, increasing rural incomes and getting people ready for work. Our support to improve people's lives helps deliver higher quality frontline services, increases the number of people that benefit from services and ensures that more women and girls are safe and empowered. We work to improve society, by making it easier for people to participate in decision-making and improving government decision making and use of evidence to develop policy.

This report provides an assessment of the Department's success in delivering assistance in Timor-Leste from July 2017 to June 2018 against these strategic themes.

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Last Updated: 2 August 2019
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