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Summary of Peduli Gender Strategy

Summary of publication

Peduli is a Government of Indonesia initiative designed to improve social inclusion of six of Indonesia's most marginalised groups who are underserved by government services and social protection programs. Peduli delivers on its objectives by working through civil society as key actors for inclusion. It provides flexible funding to enable civil society partners to engage with local governments and implement localised strategies to improve access to government services, promote human rights, participate in community processes and strengthen social inclusion policy at the national and sub-national levels.

This document is a summary of Peduli's gender strategy. It was developed to acknowledge and address the difference in social exclusion between men and women, and the role of gender in social exclusion. The document presents a detailed analysis of five categories of gender discrimination across pillars: gender stereotypes, subordination, gender-based violence, gender-based marginalization, and the double-work burden caused by gender discrimination. The analysis looks at how women's access, participation and control over resources differs from men's, and brings differing benefits of the development assistance.

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Last Updated: 28 October 2019
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