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Restructuring for a More Competitive Vietnam (RCV): Mid-term Review and Management Response

Summary of publication

The mid-term review finds that the Restructuring for a More Competitive Vietnam (RCV) Program is relevant, effective and efficient.

It also concludes that RCV has a good probability of making a positive impact on selected Government of Vietnam objectives for improving the competitiveness of the economy, as laid out in the Master Plan for Economic Restructuring (MPER). This impact is likely to be sustained, even in the absence of continued donor support.

While the Program was not specifically intended to address issues of gender equity, it is building an information base and approach that will inform greater consideration and action on this issue in the future.

In the management response, DFAT considered the report to be a thorough and good quality review and evaluation report. It was supported sufficiently by evidence from both desk and field interviews. The findings and analysis provided a solid basis for guiding the design of RCV2, which is now almost complete.

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Last Updated: 4 January 2017
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