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Philippines Coalitions for Change Independent Completion Report and management response

Summary of publication

The independent completion review focuses on the transformative approach of the Coalitions for Change program to inform a new phase of the program by providing evidence on 1) how the program contributed to the process of transformative change to achieve high impact outcomes; and 2) assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of governance and management arrangements. 'Transformative' development refers to fundamental change for the better in institutions whose reach goes beyond the direct influence of the development intervention itself (often referred to as reform). The Review found the Program is doing well and remains highly relevant to Australia's Aid Investment Plan for the Philippines. The Review found the Program was efficient and effective, and should lead to sustained outcomes with solid governance arrangements that are fit for purpose and effective. The Review also recommends a further phase for the Coalitions for Change Program.

Full publication

Last Updated: 31 August 2018
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