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Building Autonomous and Stable Institutions and Communities in the Bangsamoro (BASIC Bangsamoro): Competitive Grant Program Guidelines and Invitation to Submit Proposal

Summary of publication

These two documents detail the background and objectives of BASIC Bangsamoro, and provide guidance for organisations seeking funding under the program.

The BASIC Bangsamoro Invitation to Submit Proposal outlines submission requirements and includes the mandatory proposal template. The BASIC Bangsamoro Competitive Grant Program Guidelines provide detailed information for organisations interested in pursuing grant funding under the BASIC Bangsamoro program. The guidelines detail the following:

  1. Section 1: Background and Introduction
  2. Section 2: Objectives of this Competitive Grant Program
  3. Section 3: Eligibility Criteria
  4. Section 4: Safeguards and Cross-cutting Issues
  5. Section 5: Reporting and acquittal requirements
  6. Section 6: Proposal format
  7. Section 7: Assessment
  8. Section 8: Operational procedures
  9. Section 9: Dates of Funding Round
  10. Section 10: Contact Person
  11. Annex A: Due Diligence Requirements
  12. Annex B: Fraud and Anti-Corruption Acknowledgement Form
  13. Annex C: Child Protection Code of Conduct Acknowledgement Form
  14. Annex D: Draft Reporting Template
  15. Annex E: Sample Grant Agreement

The two documents should be read together as they provide all the necessary information for proposal submissions. Proposals that do not conform to the requirements outlined in the Competitive Grant Program Guidelines and Invitation to Submit Proposal will not be considered in the assessment process.

Full publication

Last Updated: 13 November 2014
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