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Partner Performance Assessment (PPA)

Summary of publication

DFAT uses PPAs to assess how well implementing partners are delivering the services required in aid agreements and to inform future funding decisions. PPAs are DFAT owned documents stored in its information and records management systems. PPA information can be used for internal DFAT purposes and de-identified performance reporting to the public and the Government, including but not limited to, informing future procurement evaluations by tender Evaluation Committees, partner selection decisions, funding to multilateral organisations, partner governments and DFAT's aid program publications. Partners will be de-identified for the purposes of performance data analysis used in public reporting, unless there is a legal duty to do so. Partners must seek DFAT's written consent to share PPAs with third parties.

Download full publication

Partner Performance Assessment (PPA) [DOCX 55 KB]

Partner Performance Assessment (PPA) [PDF 140 KB]

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