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Papua New Guinea Oro Bridges Reconstruction Project: Evaluation study

Summary of publication

This evaluation study sought to assess outcomes and impacts that have occurred from the Oro Bridges Reconstruction Project in transport, agriculture, tourism, the local economy, government services, NGOs and communities. The Oro Bridges Reconstruction Project was a substantial project made possible through a high level agreement between the Governments of Papua New Guinea and Australia following Cyclone Guba in November 2007.

The project cost more than PGK140 million including supervision costs and was delivered through the PNG-Australia Transport Sector Support Program (TSSP) in partnership with the Department of Works and Implementation. The project replaced bridges at Eroro, Girua, Ambogo and Kumusi rivers. Two smaller bridges at the Martyrs and Auga Wet Crossings were also reinstated. Construction started in December 2013 and all bridges were fully operational by November 2016.

While the evaluation study was conducted relatively soon following the opening of the bridges, evaluation findings suggest that the reconstructed bridges have contributed to improved economic growth and service delivery in Oro Province. The evaluation study reports positive outcomes in a range of areas including: increased activity by transport service providers; supporting local agribusiness; a more conducive business environment, as evidenced by loan take-up rates; stronger local economic activity, in particular access to larger markets on a more regular basis that has enabled increased and more diversified disposable income; increased school enrolments; supporting Kokoda-related trekking activities; improved NGO and financial service sector access to remote villages; supporting Government operations in the sectors of law and justice and health; and greater mobility, including for women.

The evaluation was completed by the Institute of National Affairs.

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Last Updated: 6 December 2018
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