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Papua New Guinea Aid Program Performance Report 2014-15

Summary of publication

Australia's aid expenditure in 2014-15 ($528.4 million) continued to support reforms and service delivery in Papua New Guinea (PNG) across four key sectors: health and HIV, education, transport and law and justice. We also provided support to governance, private sector development, gender equality and disability inclusive development as key cross cutting issues. The report outlines key achievements and challenges in the delivery of this aid. It also identifies steps the Australian Government will take, in cooperation with the PNG Government, to improve the impact of our aid in PNG in the years ahead.

Australia's aid investments largely worked as intended, however, the results for Australia's aid program to PNG in 2014-15 varied between sectors. Our support to transport infrastructure reflected consistent progress against our program objectives. Modest gains were made from health, education and law and justice investments. The challenging political and security environment in PNG limited the achievement of outcomes for Australian-supported activities in the governance sector. Disability-inclusive development continues to be an area requiring additional focus, but PNG's launching of the National Policy on Disability 2015-25 in May 2015 (developed with Australia's support) was a notable achievement. There was encouraging progress in the implementation of our programs supporting gender equality and women's empowerment, and in the development of a PNG Private Sector Development Framework which has been agreed between governments.

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Last Updated: 30 October 2015
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