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UNICEF WASH in Palestinian Schools: Mid-term evaluation and management response

Summary of publication

This UNICEF 'Improving WASH facilities in prioritized schools in the West Bank and Gaza Strip (2012-2014)' Project Mid-term evaluation was a contractual requirement between the UNICEF with the financial support of Government of Australia (AusAid). Its purpose was to assist the UNICEF and project consortium of partners to determine to what extent the project was successful in meeting its expected objectives. The evaluation also sought to inform planning, implementation and management of future UNICEF and Government of Palestine WASH in School programs embracing lessons learned and best practices. The project, which is an extension of UNICEF 'WASH in School' program, spans over three years (2012-2014) and addresses the needs of91 schools in the West Bank and Gaza Strip out of a total of 207 schools targeted by the program. The overall goal of the intervention is to contribute to a safer and healthier learning environment in MoEHE schools in the West Bank and Gaza Strip through improving the water and sanitation conditions and personal and public hygiene practices of students and teachers (both male and female).

In its management response, DFAT welcomes the Evaluation's favourable assessment of the project, particularly given the constraints and challenges to implementing assistance in the Palestinian Territories.

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Last Updated: 17 August 2015
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