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Pacific Register of Qualifications and Standards (PRQS): strategic review and management response

Summary of publication

The Pacific Register of Qualifications and Standards (PRQS) is a mechanism for providing confidence in the quality of Pacific qualifications. It enables Pacific Islanders to access opportunities for study and employment outside their home countries, improving their ability to contribute to economic growth through increased earning potential and remittances. The PRQS takes qualifications that have been assured by national accreditation agencies and includes them on the register after referencing against the regional framework. This provides understanding of how national qualifications compare across the Pacific region, which can facilitate labour mobility.

Australia provided just over A$3 million in funding support for the PRQS from 2009 to 2016. DFAT commissioned an independent review of Australia's support to the PRQS in 2016. The review found that while the PRQS had some important achievements, it made limited progress towards the overall intended outcomes. The review highlighted several issues in implementation and proposed changes to the model.

DFAT's Management Response to the review outlines reasons for Australia's decision to provide no further funding to the PRQS at this time. It also discusses alternative approaches being considered to improve the quality and recognition of Pacific qualifications and facilitate labour mobility.

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Last Updated: 10 August 2017
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