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My Thuan Bridge: Monitoring Success


Report on the economic, social, environmental and other impacts arising from the construction of the My Thuan Bridge in Vietnam.


The My Thuan Bridge is the first bridge constructed across the Mekong River in Viet Nam. The A$90 million project was funded by the Governments of Australia and Viet Nam. Opened in May 2000, the bridge is Australia's largest development aid project.

A 1994 feasibility study for the bridge indicated that considerable benefits would result from the project.

Soon after opening the bridge a three-year program to monitor its use and impact was initiated. The program examined economic development in the region of the bridge, traffic movements, the social impacts on people especially those adversely affected by the termination of the former ferry service, and also the opportunities created by the bridge. Data gathered for the original feasibility study provided the basis for comparison.

The monitoring study also studied the environmental impacts, including changes in water and air quality, as well as the on-going management of the bridge.

My Thuan Bridge: Monitoring Success [PDF 590kb]

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Last Updated: 24 September 2014
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