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Mozambique Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene in Nampula Province (NAMWASH): Evaluation report and management response

Summary of publication

This evaluation of UNICEF's water and sanitation program in five developing town in Nampula Province took place after less than 18 months of the program and was intended to inform the Australian Government's decision regarding continuing funding for the second phase of the program which was initially conceived as a five year program divided into two funding phases.

The evaluation was generally positive about achievements of the program although noted the complex challenges it faced working in newly expanding towns along a transport corridor rapidly growing due to the recent mining boom in Mozambique. The report identified a number of measures for UNICEF consideration in strengthening the program going forward, particularly more focused targeting and an increased emphasis on sanitation. However, due to budget constraints, the Australian Government will no longer be able to proceed to fund the second phase of the program. In addition, Nampula province has been one of the areas affected by the political tensions affecting Mozambique impeding access to the program towns.

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Last Updated: 17 March 2015
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