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Indonesia Aid Program Performance Report 2017-18

Summary of publication

Australia provided an estimated AUD360.3 million in official development assistance to Indonesia in 2017-18. Of this, approximately AUD297.4 million is bilateral funding managed by DFAT. Australia's development cooperation with Indonesia has evolved from a traditional aid program into an economic partnership. Australia works with Indonesia, sharing our experiences, ideas and expertise to help develop policy reforms and trial new approaches to unlock the next phase of inclusive economic growth. Recognising the importance of the relationship, size of the country and scale of its ongoing development challenges, Indonesia is Australia's second largest bilateral development partner.

This report summarises the performance of Australia's aid program in Indonesia from July 2017 to June 2018 against the Indonesia Aid Investment Plan 2015-2019 (AIP): (1) effective economic institutions and infrastructure; (2) human development for a productive and healthy society; and (3) an inclusive society through effective governance. In 2017-18, progress has largely met expectations.

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Last Updated: 18 September 2018
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