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Zimbabwe Analytical Multi-Donor Trust Fund (A-MDTF): Impact Evaluation

Summary of publication

The Zimbabwe Analytical Multi-Donor Trust Fund (A-MDTF) was established in 2008 in response to the protracted political and economic fragility facing Zimbabwe since the late 1990s. The A-MDTF was supported by 13 donors, including the Australian Government, and administered by the World Bank.

The key objectives of the Fund were two-fold: to improve the capacity and accountability of the Government of Zimbabwe, and to enable the World Bank and international donors to remain abreast of the development challenges in Zimbabwe. By achieving these objectives, the Fund donors aimed to facilitate dialogue and reform policies that would lead to increased economic growth and stability in Zimbabwe. To achieve its goals, A-MDTF funded analytical studies, technical assistance and expert placements, data and information management system support, and knowledge exchanges for Government staff. Activities are carried out across three thematic areas, including economic management and governance, agriculture, and infrastructure. This is the final evaluation report of the A-MDTF, which closed in 2014.

Full publication

Impact Evaluation of the Zimbabwe Analytical Multi-Donor Trust Fund (A-MDTF) [PDF 1.7 MB]

Last Updated: 9 July 2015
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