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Grant Agreement—Transparency International Asia-Pacific Regional Programme 2016-19

Summary of publication

This is a grant agreement between Australia and Transparency International (TI) valued at $6.89m from 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2019.

This program will support civil society, businesses and governments in our region to reduce corruption through improved law enforcement and preventative measures, noting that corruption is a key constraint to job creation and human development in many Indo-Pacific countries.

The program will focus on four goals:

  1. Enhanced social accountability and the role of civil society: citizens are supported to voice their corruption complaints and seek redress for their grievances, and space for civil society voice is preserved;
  2. Strengthened anti-corruption legislation: new anti-corruption legislation is passed, and existing anti-corruption legislation is strengthened;
  3. Strengthened anti-corruption organisations and enforcement of anti-corruption systems: relevant public institutions are supported to be more transparent and accountable, anti-corruption agencies are strengthened to be more effective, and public service delivery improves; and
  4. Demonstrated business integrity: improved business regulation, including through engagement with private sector stakeholders.

The program will also focus on building the capacity of TI National Chapters in the Indo-Pacific region to deliver relevant activities and contribute to a reduction in corruption.

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Last Updated: 5 April 2017
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