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Fraud Control Toolkit for funding recipients

Summary of publication

This Fraud Control Toolkit provides DFAT's funding recipients with ways of developing and implementing fraud control strategies that meet DFAT's contractual requirements. The capacity of funding recipients to prevent, detect, investigate and respond to fraud can vary. As this varying capacity to manage fraud can have a significant impact on the Department's risk profile, this Toolkit has been developed to:

  • help funding recipients manage fraud and highlight emerging fraud risks
  • promote collaboration between the Department and its funding recipients when it comes to dealing with fraud
  • ensure all occurrences of fraud and corruption are reported and addressed promptly in accordance with DFAT protocols
  • help improve funding recipients' knowledge of how fraud might occur and what they can do about managing fraud risks.

DFAT emphasises to its staff the importance of actively working with funding recipients to ensure they are managing fraud risks. In pursuit of this shared commitment, DFAT expects funding recipients to establish measures that prevent and detect fraud and corruption. While it is not mandatory for funding recipients to use the tools included in this toolkit, funding recipients are obligated to clearly document and demonstrate their efforts in preventing, detecting and correcting fraud in accordance with the obligations in their arrangements with DFAT.

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Last Updated: 23 September 2019
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