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Fiji Aid Program Performance Report 2016-17

Summary of publication

In 2016-17 Australia's total official development assistance budget to Fiji was $76.7 million. Most of Australia's aid program to Fiji is managed by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, with $50.2 million provided by the Department's bilateral program and $24 million managed by the Department's regional and global programs.

Australia is Fiji's largest aid partner, but Overseas Development Assistance is a relatively small proportion of Fiji's economy, accounting for only 2.5 per cent of Gross National Income. Australia focuses its aid program on the sectors where it has the most impact. We are the leading donor to Fiji's health, education and civil society sectors. We are also a significant donor in the areas of private sector development, governance and gender equality.

This Aid Program Performance Report (APPR) provides an assessment of progress in 2016-17 towards meeting the three strategic priorities of Australia's aid program in Fiji: Private Sector Development, Human Development and Tropical Cyclone Winston Recovery.

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Last Updated: 22 September 2017
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