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Fiji Aid Program Performance Report 2015-16

Summary of publication

Total Australian aid to Fiji in 2015-16 was $78.7 million. This included $50.3 million in bilateral flows, $19 million of which was provided for TC Winston relief efforts and to support Fiji's longer term recovery. Regional and global programs managed by DFAT totalled $25.9 million and $2.5 million was managed by other government departments.

Australia's aid program to Fiji recorded good overall performance against the objective of supporting the private sector. Increasing human development was more challenging, as TC Winston had a devastating effect across Fiji. The program consolidated gains previously made in the health and education sectors and promoted gender equality and opportunities for people with disabilities. Australia's sizable response to TC Winston dominated the final five months of the year. Some program resources were diverted to the response and $19 million in emergency relief and support for Fiji's longer term recovery was provided.

The Aid Program Performance Report (APPR) provides an assessment of the Department's delivery of bilateral development assistance to Fiji from July 2015 to June 2016.

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Last Updated: 2 September 2016
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