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Environmental and Social Safeguard Policy

Summary of publication

The Environmental and Social Safeguard Policy (policy) provides guidance on DFAT's safeguard responsibilities in aid investments and how to meet them. The policy applies to all DFAT Official Development Assistance funded aid investments regardless of value or funding mechanism, including the Direct Aid Program. Departmental non-aid investments should consider their program risks in relation to the safeguard policy.

The policy:

  • sets out why DFAT applies specific safeguards
  • identifies safeguard principles to guide how DFAT manages environmental and social safeguards, including when working with partners
  • sets out requirements for five key safeguards:
  1. Environmental protection
  2. Children, vulnerable and disadvantaged groups
  3. Displacement and resettlement
  4. Indigenous peoples
  5. Health and safety

Full of publication

Last Updated: 28 March 2019
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