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Improving Community-based Fisheries Management in Pacific Countries Program: Independent mid-term review

Summary of publication

Improving Community–based Fisheries Management in the Pacific was initiated in June 2012 to improve the capacity of coastal communities to manage their fisheries through Community Based Fisheries Management (CBFM). The Program content was developed by ACIAR with two four-year program components.

Mid-term review consultations were held at the Innovation Campus University of Wollongong on the 22-24 September 2015 and included representatives from Pacific Island countries Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.

The Program was evaluated against objectives, outputs, activities and methodologies with the overall aim of the program to improve food and nutrition security, productivity and resilience of fisheries systems and community livelihoods in the Pacific.

The mid-term review highlighted progress in establishing relationships with local communities, engaging with women and improving gender outcomes.

The review also found that the project was instrumental in the development of a new regional approach; 'A New Song for coastal fisheries – pathways to change', which was adopted in September 2015 by Pacific Island Forum Leaders. There are however major challenges, including setbacks caused by cyclone Pam, working across large distances and dealing with varied official and cultural perspectives.

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Last Updated: 17 February 2016
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