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Bangladesh Aid Program Performance Report 2014-15

Summary of publication

This report summarises progress in Australia's aid program in Bangladesh from July 2014 - June 2015. Progress is measured using a Performance Assessment Framework (PAF), which includes indicators of performance under each of the strategic objectives.

In 2014-15 the aid program in Bangladesh continued to support the Government of Bangladesh's development agenda and achieved positive results. Through its aid investments and policy engagement Australia provided education to children of poor families previously unable to get access to Government education services. Our partnerships with BRAC, the United Kingdom and the World Food Programme, enabled us to make a direct and significant difference to the poor through asset transfer programs and to promote long term dialogue with the Government of Bangladesh about improvements to government social protection. Australian funding also helped civil society build capacity and empower marginalised people (including extremely poor women) to demand rights and get access to basic services. A new Aid Investment Plan (AIP) was finalised in September 2015 and details the future focus of Australia's investments in human development, skills and productivity in Bangladesh.

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Last Updated: 27 October 2015
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