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Bangladesh Aid Program Performance Report 2012–13

Summary of publication

This report summarises the Australian Government's aid program to Bangladesh in 2012-13.

Australia is helping to improve quality and access to primary education and maternal and child health services through partnerships with the Government of Bangladesh, donors and non-state actors. The Australian Government's direct support for alleviating poverty is reaching some of the poorest people in Bangladesh, particularly women. Early signs of policy reform in social protection are being led by the Government of Bangladesh, supported by Australia and other donors.

Over the reporting period, the Bangladesh program made progress in its objective of increasing access to quality health and education services for marginalised groups, especially women and children. The program also made some progress towards its of reducing the number of people living in extreme poverty and limited progress towards its third objective to strengthen the ability of women and marginalised groups to demand services.

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Last Updated: 4 February 2014
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