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Australia, China and Papua New Guinea Pilot Cooperation on Malaria Control Project independent mid term review and joint management response

Summary of publication

On 19 October 2015, Australia, China and Papua New Guinea signed a Trilateral Cooperation Subsidiary Arrangement for the Australia-China-Papua New Guinea Pilot Cooperation on Malaria Control (The Trilateral Malaria Project). The original project period was three years (2016-2018), and partners agreed to extend the project until December 2019.

Between March and May 2018 the three partner countries commissioned and undertook an independent mid-term review. The purpose of the review was to verify the technical outcomes, review the trilateral cooperation arrangements which underpin the project, and make technical, and make technical, cooperation and management recommendations for the remaining time of the project, as well as for potential ongoing or broader partnerships between the countries.

The review found that the Trilateral Malaria Project has provided essential capacity-building support in laboratory systems and operational systems for improved malaria diagnosis in PNG's health facilities. It has developed a successful trilateral model of development cooperation amongst the three partner countries.

The three partner countries have jointly agreed a Management Response. All recommendations were accepted or accepted in principle by the three partner governments. Work has begun on implementing recommendations, including planning for a new phase of the project.

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Last Updated: 12 November 2019
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