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Australia Awards In-Country Scholarships: review and management response

Summary of publication

The Australian Government has outlined a strategic direction for a high quality in-country scholarship program that provides human resources to drive economic growth and development. Australia Awards PNG supports Papua New Guinean's to undertake long and short-term scholarships in Australia to build advanced professional and technical capacities, and long-term scholarships at partners institutions in PNG to build capacities and skills in critical demand (in-country scholarships).

The Scholarship Review of the in-country scholarship program found areas of benefit and a number of areas for improvement. Review recommendations included reducing the number of partner tertiary education institutions and working with remaining institutions intensively, introducing new training sectors and focussing on the entire student experience including graduate outcomes. Review recommendations have provided the foundations of a work plan to phase in a newly shaped in-country program from 2018.

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Last Updated: 29 September 2017
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