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Australia Awards in Africa: independent progress report and management response

Summary of publication

An Independent Program Review was undertaken of the Australia Awards program to Africa in 2012. The objectives of the review were to:

  • explore the impact as per the goals set in the design on a selected sample of Australia's African partners, and
  • assess how effectively and efficiently Australia Awards were being implemented in Africa by both DFAT and the Managing Contractor (GRM) with a view to strengthening delivery for the remainder of the contractual period.

The review of undertaken relatively early on in the implementation of the program to inform decision-making on the awarding of a contract extension for the Managing Contractor. The program had been in operation for approximately 20 months, one year less than for the standard period for conducting a review of this nature.

DFAT broadly agrees with the findings of the review. Some recommendations related to the bedding-down of issues that are typical of the earlier stages of a new program and which were resolved through ongoing continuous improvement and performance processes. In a number of cases, particularly in relation to Program Operation and Performance, DFAT agrees with the recommendations and notes plans were quickly in place to address.

DFAT ensured all review recommendations were considered during the design of the successor program for 2016-2020, undertaken in 2014.

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Last Updated: 25 August 2015
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