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Bangladesh Chars Livelihood Programme: Summary of Annual Review 2015

Summary of publication

The Chars Livelihood Programme's (CLP) purpose is to improve the livelihoods, incomes and food security of up to one million extremely poor people (including non-core participants) living on island chars in the north west of Bangladesh.

In order to achieve this purpose, CLP will help lift about 57,000 families (222,000 people) out of extreme poverty; protect 270,000 people from flooding by raising their homes on earth plinths and improve incomes and assets for more than 221,000 people.

The UK and Australia co-finance CLP, Australia's contribution is AUD 15.0 million from 2010-16. The Annual Review 2015 of CLP was completed in February 2015 by a team of UK and Australian staff.

Full publication

Annual Review 2015 Chars Livelihood Programme- Summary [DOCX 101 KB]

Last Updated: 21 July 2015
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