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Portfolio budget statements

2019-20 Australian aid budget at a glance


Building a stronger Indo-Pacific and tackling poverty is in Australia's interest, and in the interests of our region. Healthy, educated and well-governed communities with affordable infrastructure are more resilient to shocks, including natural disasters. They are also better able to achieve sustainable economic growth.

Australia's development partners are diverse in size, population and income level. Our focus is our region. Australia is responding to the long-term and unique challenges our partners face. In recognition of the significant infrastructure needs in the region, and the important role that infrastructure plays in enabling growth, Australia will launch the Australian Infrastructure Financing Facility for the Pacific. The Facility will transform Australia's development assistance and be a cornerstone of our sustainable, principles- based infrastructure investments in the Pacific and Timor-Leste. It will allow Australia to work with partner governments and the private sector to address critical infrastructure gaps while avoiding unsustainable debt.

Our development program is stronger and more diverse when we engage with Australian and international organisations. We do this through our trusted non-government partnerships, our community grants scheme, our volunteers program and our targeted investments through multilateral institutions and global funds.

$500m, Australian Infrastructure Financing Facility for the Pacific, 2019-20 to 2022-23, supporting infrastructure development in the Pacific and Timor-Leste. $200m, Coral Sea Cable System, 2017-18 to 2019-20, improving internet access and connectivity in PNG and Solomon Islands. $450m, Humanitarian and protracted crises, 2019-20, Saving lives, alleviating  suffering and enhancing human dignity. $70m, Expansion of the Pacific Labour Scheme, 2018-19 to 2022-23, Creating more labour mobility  opportunities fo



We will take our partnership with the Pacific to a new level. In 2019–20, we will provide a record $1.4 billion in development assistance. We will work with governments and regional institutions on health and education programs, and on improving the environment for businesses and economic growth.

We are delivering a new chapter in our relationship with the Pacific:

Highlight Pacific Agreement on Closer Economic Relations Plus – $23m (2019-20 to 2024-25)

  • the $2 billion Australian Infrastructure Financing Facility for the Pacific will work with partner governments and the private sector to close critical infrastructure gaps. It will include $500 million in grants
  • the Pacific Labour Scheme, $70 million over four years, will expand to all Pacific island countries
  • the Office of the Pacific will enhance coordination across the Australian government and consultation within the region
  • educational and people-to-people links will be strengthened with new secondary school scholarships, $66 million over three years, and more scholarships for vocational education and training
  • the new Australia-Pacific Sports Linkages Program, $12 million over 4 years, will strengthen sporting ties, build safe communities and increase the participation of women and girls in sport
  • across all our programs, we will continue to support equality for women and girls, including through Pacific Women Shaping Pacific Development.

Southeast and East Asia


Australia supports a Southeast Asia that is stable, prosperous and resilient, and that benefits from a rules-based order. We will work to reduce poverty, address inequality, support free and unencumbered trade and advance human rights. We will continue to support efforts on transnational challenges such as: reducing crime and people smuggling; strengthening counter terrorism cooperation; and maritime security capacity building.

Highlight: Nabilan–Ending Violence Against Women in Timor-Leste – $14.2m (2018-19 to 2021-22)

Our flagship counter-trafficking and safe migration investments will strengthen regional responses to these issues, while supporting human rights of vulnerable people.

South and West Asia


Australian development assistance with South and West Asia strengthens our economic, humanitarian and security links to build prosperity, stability, closer regional cooperation and gender equality.

Conflict and instability in the region has resulted in one of the world's most protracted humanitarian crises. Our humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan provides safety and basic needs of vulnerable and mobile populations.

Highlight: Afghanistan and Pakistan Eliminating Violence Against Women – $22.5m (2017-18 to 2021-22)

The Middle East and Africa


Australia's investments in the Middle East and Africa promote a rules-based order and stability. Our humanitarian commitments in Iraq, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, and the Palestinian Territories are critical. Australia Awards Scholarships promote people-to- people and institutional links.

Highlight: The Middle East and Africa Australia Awards Scholarships – up to 294 people (2019-20)

Humanitarian Assistance


Australia's humanitarian assistance helps to strengthen resilience and mitigate the impact of disasters and humanitarian crises. Humanitarian crises reverse hard-won development gains, increase poverty and can result in instability that lasts for decades. Investing in disaster risk reduction is the most effective way to reduce the impact of a crisis, save lives and limit the economic costs of a disaster.

Budget Estimate $m
Budget Estimate $m
Disaster risk reduction, preparedness and response 39.0 51.0
Protracted crises and strengthening humanitarian action 87.2 115.5
Emergency Fund 150.0 150.0
International Committee of the Red Cross 27.5 27.5
United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs 10.0 10.0
World Food Programme 40.0 40.0
United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund 11.0 11.0
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees 25.0 25.0
United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East 20.0 20.0
Australian Humanitarian total 409.7 450.0

Gender Equality Fund


Australia's Gender Equality Fund helps empower women and girls by finding innovative ways to improve women's economic participation and access to finance. Through the Investing in Women program we support mentoring for young women leaders in our region and we strengthen data collection and analysis.

Australia is the first and largest contributor to the Women's Peace and Humanitarian Fund which supports women who prevent conflict, respond to crises and contribute to sustaining peace in their communities.

Climate Change


In 2019–20, Australia will invest $200 million to support the Government's five-year, $1 billion commitment to addressing climate change to support developing countries' climate actions, to build climate resilience and reduce emissions.

2019-20 Total Australian Official Development Assistance by region. Total figure $4 billion. The Middle East and Africa - $199.8 million. South and West Asia - $266.2 million. South-East and East Asia - $1 billion. Pacific - $1.4 billion. Latin America and the Caribbean - $3.3 million. Australian ODA by investment priority - Effective governance 20.4 per cent, Infrastructure and trade 18.8 per cent, Building resilience 17.1 per cent, Education 15.9 per cent, Health 14 per cent, Agriculture, fisheries and wa

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Last Updated: 1 April 2019
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