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Invitation to register interest to deliver services through the Australia Pacific Security College

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) invites organisations to register their interest in delivering strategic security education and training for the Australia Pacific Security College (APSC). This invitation is targeted at organisations that have an interest and expertise in delivering certain elements of the APSC services but not have the capacity to implement all core services, as outlined in the Request for Expression of Interest (REOI) for the implementation of the APSC.

To register interest, organisations are invited to submit a statement to DFAT containing the following information:

  • name of organisation
  • name and details of nominated contact
  • brief overview of expertise in providing one or more of the three core services. Capability to:
    1. develop and deliver security education and training at a Pacific regional and national level
    2. deliver policy engagement and support on Pacific security issues
    3. deliver management services for development programs in the Pacific education and training environment.
  • description of expertise that the organisation could bring either as a consortium partner or a sub-contracted content provider.

This statement should be no longer than two pages and should be sent to by close of business (AEST) on 22 August 2018.

DFAT will compile all statements received into a Register of Potential Associated Providers (APSC Register), which will then be provided to shortlisted respondents at the conclusion of the REOI stage of the APSC two step tender process. In submitting a statement, potential associated providers agree to DFAT sharing submitted information with shortlisted respondents. There will be no obligation on any shortlisted respondent to use the register or to partner or sub-contract with associated service providers listed on the register.


As part of Australia's commitment to expand its strategic security training and assistance in the Pacific, the APSC will deliver tailored responses to national and regional security challenges.

The goal of the College will be to strengthen regional security cooperation in the Pacific and increase the region's capacity to manage shared security threats. The purpose of the College will be to deliver and coordinate senior executive and middle management security and law enforcement training to Pacific Islands Countries and regional organisations.

The College will have a flexible footprint, developing and delivering bilateral and regional training across Pacific countries and agencies. The College will also support delivery of security and law enforcement training by DFAT, other Australian government agencies and close partners – under the College banner. Developing and maintaining an active alumni network will be critical to the success of the College.


Invitation to register interest to deliver services through the Australia Pacific Security College [Word 155 KB]

Last Updated: 26 July 2018
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