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Updated: Investment Concept for planned Australia-Timor-Leste Partnership for Human Development

An Investment Concept for a proposed Australia-Timor-Leste Partnership for Human Development Program (ATLPHD) in Timor-Leste is provided for the information of the market and prospective tenderers.

An Investment Design Document will accompany a planned request for tender later this year in accordance with the Annual Procurement Plan on the AusTender website (

An early market briefing on the Investment Concept was held at Sparrow Force House (next to the Australian Embassy) on Monday 14 September 2015 in Dili, Timor-Leste. The presentation slides and responses to questions on the day can be accessed below:

Based on the Investment Concept, and in a collaborative effort to promote the quality of the investment, individuals/organisations are encouraged to submit comments by 28 September 2015 on the concept in response to these key questions:

  • The Australia-Timor-Leste Partnership for Human Development (ATLPHD) will provide support across a range of sectors under at least four Government of Timor-Leste Ministries and the President's office. From your experience what are the key implementation issues that need to be addressed in the Investment design to ensure that the program is effective and efficient?
  • To what degree should the ATLPHD design outline 'how' the contractor should operate including specifying required personnel? Alternatively, should the tender map out principles and objectives and request that each bidder address 'how the program is delivered' as part of the tender process?
  • During the design process, DFAT will decide if monitoring and evaluation (M&E) will be delivered by the human development contract, or by a separate independent M&E contract that works across the whole DFAT Timor-Leste program. If DFAT decides on the latter approach, what are the minimal M&E functions that you think the HDP contractor would need to retain?
  • Do you foresee any issues that may prevent your organisation from tendering for this program? If so, please outline what issues would need to be addressed in the design and tender documentation that would enable your organisation to bid if you are interested in doing so.
  • If your organisation is shortlisted and your team is required to be interviewed as part of the technical assessment process, which location (Dili, Canberra or Darwin) is the most cost effective option for your organisation?

Please also provide any additional feedback noting that the full ATLPHD Investment Design Document and request for tender will be released later in 2015 and a further market briefing will be held at that time.

All submissions provided to DFAT, must be done so with the individual's or organisation's understanding of the Submission Conditions detailed below. Submissions are due by 28 September 2015, and should be sent to All submissions received by this date will be provided to design team for consideration as to how to include and consider them in final design.

Submission Conditions

Individuals/organisations submit, and DFAT receives, submissions on the understanding that the individual/organisation, owns the material and any intellectual property (IP) in the material, and grants to DFAT a permanent, irrevocable, royalty free worldwide, non-exclusive licence to use, reproduce, adapt and otherwise exploit such material or IP in conjunction with the Partnership for Human Development Investment design. The licence granted includes the right for DFAT to sub-licence any material or IP to any of its employees, agents or contractors to use, reproduce, adapt and otherwise exploit the material or IP incorporated in the submission for the purposes of performing functions, responsibilities, activities or services for, or on behalf of, DFAT.

  • DFAT may in its absolute discretion decide whether to use, reproduce, adapt and otherwise exploit such material or IP.
  • The individual/organisation warrants that the submission of the material, for the purposes permitted by the submission conditions, will not infringe the moral rights of any person.
  • DFAT and the design team will not respond directly to any issues or views raised by individuals/organisations.

If approved, the proposed procurement will be released on the AusTender website later this year.

This information is provided for planning purposes only and it does not represent solicitation or constitute a request for proposal, nor is it a commitment to purchase or tender for the described services. This potential procurement opportunity is subject to delays, revision or cancellations.

Last Updated: 7 September 2015
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